Kill Bill Tempered Handmade Katana FullTang Forging

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Overall Length:  40.9 inch /104 cm

Nagasa Length: 27.8 inch / 70.5 cm

Handle  Length: 10.6 inch / 27cm

Kissaki Length:  CHU-KASSAKI

Blade Material: 1095 steel with clay tempered


Tsuba Material: High quality iron Tsuba

Blade Width (near Habaki): 1.26 inch / 3.2cm

Blade Width (near Kissaki): 0.91inch / 2.3cm

Weight (with Saya ):  2.87 lbs / 1.30 kg (approximately)

Weight (without Saya): 2.38 lbs / 1.08 kg (approximately)

Saya Material: Hard wooden with hand carved

Handle Material: Genuine Ray skin + Hard wooden

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